So I totally should be finishing packing instead of blogging but Memorial Day weekend was really blog worthy. I spent the weekend at one of my favorite places on Earth: Deep Creek Lake. This summer will be my 19th summer at the lake and I think I love it more and more each time.

I drove up on Friday and my trip was really easy. My grandmother was already there and my aunt, uncle and cousins arrived about 2 hours later. I did a short hill workout and then it was time for dinner.

Mountains in the background on the
drive up.
After dinner we had a nice bonfire and then I went to bed.

It's like a blanket.

Saturday was time to try out our new boat. Our old boat was over 30 years old and it just died 2 years ago. This boat is only 7 years old so it was quite an upgrade. So we packed up and headed down to the boat. And here's where things get interesting. We were out for no more than 2 minutes when crash, we ran into the back of another boat! My uncle has been driving boats since he was like 15 but he misjudged another boat's speed and looked away to check on his 18 month daughter and BAM, boat crash. Luckily no one was hurt and our boat was fine but the other boat had some damage. For someone who (knock on wood!) has never even been in a car crash it was a bit alarming but it could have been way worse.

Sitting on the boat in the dock...
After all the mayhem was over we just went back to the cabin to relax.

Relaxing with baby Brooke.
Sunday we tried again with the boat but the battery died. While my uncle waited for a jump my aunt and I went to take my cousin swimming. By the time my uncle was ready, my cousin was ready for a nap so my uncle, aunt and I finally headed out on the boat.

How cute is she!

Since the lake didn't freeze this Winter
it was warm enough to swim.
Sunday night we had burgers on the grill and then I headed home. I hit a terrible storm on the way home but I made it slowly but surely.

The drive home before it started pouring.

What did you do for Memorial day weekend?

Have you ever been in a crash?

Where is your favorite place in the world?


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