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You Need a Ride NOW?

So Monday afternoon I was taking advantage of my day off and I decided that I would highlight my hair. Yes, I am a natural blonde but I put in highlights to keep it looking fresh. I was up in my room pulling hair through a cap with a crochet needle (ladies, you know the drill) when I hear my name called. My roommateTravis had overslept his alarm for his pre-work nap and wanted me to drive him so he wouldn't be too late. Of course I did it even though I looked like this.

Just when I'm not being too embarrassing, something like this strikes. I hope you have a lovely week full of glamorous driving.

A Solo Adventure

This past Friday was the first day that I had off since the 4th of July. Tired and ready for an adventure, I googled "Best Beaches in Michigan" and picked one that wasn't too far from Ann Arbor. I left early Friday morning and ended up in Saugatuck, Michigan around 11.

Saugatuck is on the Western side of Michigan on the Kalamazoo river. It's known for being near the river and Lake Michigan and having lots of art galleries. When I got there I shopped around a bit and then decided to head to Oval Beach. Lake Michigan was really beautiful. I couldn't believe how much it resembled the ocean.

It was really windy on the beach so I didn't stay long. I drove back to Saugatuck for some lunch and a little more browsing and then I decided to head home.

The solo day trip was a great way to relax, decompress and explore some more of the mitten state. I'd like to take a big trip by myself one day. But baby steps for now!

Have you ever been on a solo trip?