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11 Things

So one of my favorite blogs Paleorunnergirl just did this post and I thought it would be fun! So here you go:

1. What is your favorite meal?
You know…I really just love food. But these days I would have to say crab cakes and broccoli.

2. How many times have you been in love? Zero.

3. What is your Starbuck’s order? I used to work there so this is a very loaded question. Here are my top 5:
-Tall soy no water chai light foam
-Tall Americano in a Grande cup with extra room (I add 2% milk and equal myself)
-Double tall soy latte light foam
-Venti iced passion tea 6 shots sugar free vanilla, no classic light water light ice
-Tall espresso frappacino, no frappucino roast skim milk no whip  You had no idea how loaded of a question that was!

4. Action/Comedy/Drama/ or Romantic Comedy? Romantic comedies all.the.way. 

5. What was your favorite TV show when you were a kid? When I was really little I liked Arthur.

6. Have you ever received an “F?” No…I got one c in high schoo…

Special Visitor!

This weekend wasn't just any old friend Jackie came to visit! She goes to the University of Maryland and they haven't started school yet so she came to see me! I picked her up from the bus on Friday afternoon and we went to lunch at Zingermann's. It's a famous Ann Arbor deli that has been featured on several food network shows. Jackie got their famous reuban and I got a sandwich with turkey, cheese and avocado. Friday night we hung out in my room with my roommate Haley and some others stopped by too.

 Saturday we were tired because we stayed up late so we watched Friends with Benefits. We've both seen it but it's just so good! I love JT and Mila Kunis! After the movie we decided that we had to go on a run together because Jackie has been my running partner for 4.5 years (we met each other on the first day of XC freshman year and we have been running together ever since). We went on the run that I wrote about last week here but we ran a bit further a…

Men's Wear Experiment

I don't know about you but usually when I am changing my style, it's not intentional but rather I am drawn for lots of similar items. This winter it took me quite a while to catch on. I have had periods of wearing button ups all the time, dresses, ballet flats, black, purple, etc. This winter I seem to have an obsession with men's wear. I have always liked men's wear because I feel a little silly in dainty clothes so I do wear a lot of pants, blazers, my men's style watch and other things like that but I have been afraid of some other men's wear styles like sweaters, shirts, loafers and suits. I have always liked them on other people (like J.Lo) but I have been too scared to really try them myself. But when I left for college and I grabbed a pair of loafers that I stole from my mom my mom gave me. One random day this past fall I decided to wear them and I fell in love. My friend Jackie had always told me how much she loved her "grandma shoes" but I ju…

Here We Go Again!