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So Long, Farewell...

...auf Wiedersehen, good night....sorry. I'm a little obsessed with musicals. This afternoon I will begin my journey home for the summer. I was starting to think I might have to stay until Sunday because the credit card that I need to rent the car wasn't here until yesterday evening. Luckily it arrived in the nick of time so I will be on my way in a few hours! But before I left I had so say some very sad goodbyes. 

Thursday night Jenn and I went out to dinner to a little hole in the wall diner. It was delicious! I got an omelet and delicious hash browns! Then we went to cupcake station before we parted ways.

Friday morning was commissioning where the seniors officially became Navy and Marine Corps officers. It was a touching ceremony but I am a bit freaked out that I will be up there on stage in 3 short years. 

After the ceremony we had one last lunch in Bursley dining hall.

Then it was off to say bye to Maggie.

I've met some amazing people here at the U of M. Luckily, I have 3…

Summer 2012 Preview

In honor of my last final being over here is a preview of Summer 2012:

1. I'm going to start the summer by road tripping home!
2. Since I want a flexible schedule this summer, I'm not getting a real job but will be babysitting and working at the auction house where my mom works.

3. Road trips! One of the reasons that I didn't want a job this summer is because I want to go on some trips. At the top of the list is Virginia to see my Aunt Cheryl, Ann Arbor (they say the summer is the best season to be in AA), my grandmother's cabin in Deep Creek Lake, Pittsburgh (I drove through on my way home for Spring break but we got too lost so we just left) and, of course, the beach!
4. Adventures! You know all those things that you want to do but never have time to? Well I want to cross some off the list this summer. I want to go to a bunch of Orioles games, learn to sail, and take some more Salsa lessons!

5. Cooking. Since I'm obsessed with Pinterest I see tons of recipes that…

From Boring to Thrilling!

Hello again! I have been terrible about blogging lately. First nothing was happening so I had nothing to blog about, and then I got busy and I didn't have any time to blog!

So the beginning of the week was pretty boring. I didn't have class so I studied, watched tons of movies and worked out. But things got more exciting as the week went on. On Thursday my aunt had a baby girl!

Today is another typical lazy Sunday so I'm just lounging around and studying more...ugh!

How was your week?

Have you had something that way exceeded your expectations lately?

Catch Up!

Wow! Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. I haven't really been in the mood and life hasn't been very excited. Any's what you missed:

Last Saturday a couple of other Midshipmen and I went to an Army base in Detroit to clean it up a bit. It was fun but it was one of those volunteering opportunities that you feel like you're not really making a difference. But we tried!

Then last week I had an anatomy test and the PRT (physical readiness test) for ROTC. I was happy with how both of them turned out so it was a good start to the week.

The rest of the week was pretty low key. I did a little babysitting, had my last clinical for the semester and we had a field meet for ROTC (yes, I wiped out during dizzy bat, and yes, it is on camera). Friday I had a lovely breakfast with my friends Meredith and Fuller and then I went out to Lunch with my friend Maggie and her mom. Maggie talks about her mom all the time so it was so nice to finally get to meet her! After lunch…