What you didn't know about nursing school

So usually I do a Sunday post but I just didn't have time this weekend! I had an anatomy test at 9 on Monday morning so I basically spent all weekend studying (there was a little time spent watching the super bowl and relaxing with friends.) But since I have been spending so much time doing school work this semester I decided I would give you a glimpse into what it's like!

First and foremost the nursing school is really disorganized so we have a Facebook group to keep us sane. Whether it's about anatomy, football tickets or getting a ride somewhere, if you have a question, you post it here for a guaranteed answer.

There is also some shenanigans on the nursing Facebook page...a lot of posts like this:
U Mich nursing students love cats...and memes

And this:

That's what happens when your major is almost all girls!

Not only are we connected virtually but we have all of our classes together so we're together all the time! 

We walk together
Off to the dining hall!

Eat together
Lunch with Reid

We wear scrubs together: 

Class of 2015

We Celebrate holidays together

Happy Halloween from Adelle and Amanda

And most importantly we eat together. The nursing school gives us so much free food! Just today I got hot chocolate in the morning and candy in the afternoon!

I spent last semester hating nursing but this semester I am working on embracing it. We are actually getting to learn skills like taking vitals and listening to heart sounds. Plus, in what other major do you get to do this?

What is/was your major?

Did it come with an perks?


  1. Just wait until you have to use that lift on a patient. It takes 4 nurses to remember how to use it, then another 4 to hold everything the patient is attached to. Then you get really scared that the patient is going to fall out of the thing. And when you least expect it, when the patient is suspended above the bed, the patient poops. What a mess. True story.

  2. Oh my goodness! That sounds awful! Can't wait to see you when I come home!

  3. Photo Cred! Layne I could read your blog all day :) I just have your voice in my head reading the entries-it's adorable!

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  5. I am so jealous! It looks like you have such a great group! I was an English major and there were NO perks. There were a bunch of English majors that smoked on the front steps of the English building--um, no thanks!


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