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Christmas Eve

It is now less than an hour before Christmas and the children accross the world are nestled all snug in their beds...I'm included in that! Christmas is definately MUCH less exciting when you don't believe but it is fun to expericece it through the eyes of children.

That brings me to what I have been doing so far over break. I babysat on Friday; the 3 little girls are as cute as can be and one even got me a present from her school christmas bazaar. It was nice to see how excited they were for Santa to come (it also meant that they were very well behaved because they didn't want to be on the naughty list!) I have also been visiting with my friends and family because unlike at Thanksgiving, now I have time to spend with everyone. I saw the lights down town with 3 of my friends, then my friend Jackie stayed for me for 2 days. This was also the first year that I got to go to my high school cross country team's alumni dinner. It was really nice to see my old teammates and all…

Freshman Lessons


Happy December

And the Christmas countdown begins! I love the holiday season so much! The red cups at Starbucks, christmas music and, here in Michigan, the snow on the ground. They all just brighten my mood a little bit. Still, in college, December is crunch time. Finals, papers due and today I have an inspection. If you don't know an inspection for the Navy is when they check to make sure your uniform is in tip top condition and that you know all of your "knowledge." What classifies as knowledge you may ask. There is a set of things that all Navy personel must know verbatim such as the Sailor's Creed, the ranks of all military branches and the 11 general orders. I pretty much have it down but inspection will be the true test. Wish me luck!