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What I Love Right Now...

I feel like I've been doing a lot of life summaries these days so I decided to mix it up. Here's some things that I'm really into right now:

1. Good news! I just changed the address of Life in the Fast Layne to It's the same blog just with a new address that makes a bit more sense.

2. Chicklit, in particular Nicolas Sparks. I know I'm supposed to be in college reading profound novels yada yada but I just like cheesy romance novels.

3. Powdered peanut butter. So as you may already know, I put peanut butter in my green monster smoothie every morning. It's delicious but peanut butter has almost 100 calories per tablespoon! So, when my friend KC told me about powdered peanut butter I decided to give it a try. I put it in my smoothie this morning and it tasted exactly the same! That means I can cut around 80 calories every day. If you do that math that's 8 pounds in a year!

4. Guacamole. I just recently discovered the delicious…