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What you didn't know about nursing school

So usually I do a Sunday post but I just didn't have time this weekend! I had an anatomy test at 9 on Monday morning so I basically spent all weekend studying (there was a little time spent watching the super bowl and relaxing with friends.) But since I have been spending so much time doing school work this semester I decided I would give you a glimpse into what it's like!

First and foremost the nursing school is really disorganized so we have a Facebook group to keep us sane. Whether it's about anatomy, football tickets or getting a ride somewhere, if you have a question, you post it here for a guaranteed answer.

There is also some shenanigans on the nursing Facebook page...a lot of posts like this:

And this:

That's what happens when your major is almost all girls!
Not only are we connected virtually but we have all of our classes together so we're together all the time! 

We walk together
Eat together
We wear scrubs together: 

We Celebrate holidays together

And most import…