We had a ball at the ball!

This Friday was the annual Tri-Service Ball for all the ROTC units at the University of Michigan. This ball is fun because the Navy girls get to wear dresses (we have to wear uniforms to the ball first semester).  I went with my friend Reid and we had a great time!

Meredith, Reid and me before the ball!
Then Saturday was St. Patrick's Day! The weather was so nice so I did my homework outside. After that I headed out for a run but I ran into my friend Milena and she convinced me to come celebrate her birthday (there was carrot cake, how could I resist?). After indulging a bit, I went off for a run. My run was very short because I had to get ready to out to dinner for my friend Adelle's birthday!  We went to a restaurant called Sava's and it was delicious! It was also nice to talk to Adelle's friend Katarina who was visiting for the weekend. We had lots to talk about because she's in the Navy ROTC program for nurses at Marquette!

Adelle, Katarina and Skylar at Sava's for Adelle's birthday!

Sunday I went to the ROTC softball games to take pictures. I actually got a little bit of a sunburn since it was so sunny! Now it's time to get some studying in (I have 3 exams and a paper due this week...yuck!) and do some laundry.

All in all it was a lovely weekend and I got lots of sleep!

How was your weekend?

How did you celebrate St. Patrick's day?


  1. Had a busy weekend. The kids took their French class yesterday morning. We had a St. Pats themed pre-school fundraising auction last night. Today the kids and I took a cooking class--we made Irish soda bread, broccoli soup and cucumber dip. C.

  2. Awww you look so cute! It looks like you had a blast!! I miss dances! For St. Paddy's day we went to a parade with our little brother. It was cute and festive.


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