Spring Break

Today is the last day of Spring break and I have been studying ALL DAY. So I decided to take a break and write about my break. As you probably know I took a road trip home with my friend Meredith. We got to my house around dinner time so I took her out for some crab cakes! She left the next morning so I had the rest of the week to run errands go shopping.

Meredith's first Maryland crab cake! (sorry
it's blurry!)

Actually, I did run some errands. I went to the doctor (I had a sinus infection when I got home), got my watch fixed (I don't know how I wore a running watch all throughout high school but now when my dress watch breaks and I have to wear a running watch I feel silly.), fixed my bank accounts and got a desperately needed pedicure (does that count as an errand?).

I also visited with lots of family and friends. My aunt, uncle and cousin came to my grandmother's for some delicious white chili and lemon cake. I also went down to Virginia to visit with my other aunt and little cousins. On Friday I picked my friend Megan up from the airport and we went down to College Park.

We went ice skating...sort of. Well it wasn't really ice so we
just took a picture and left.

When I wasn't running errands or visiting with people I was shopping. I went to the Gap, Ann Taylor, Kohl's, DSW, Greetings and Readings, Old Navy, an accessory store called Charming Charlie's and a resale store. Whew! I have been saving money and not shopping for the last couple months so that I could buy some Summer clothes during break. Also, not everything was for me, I caught up on some long overdue birthday and Christmas presents (sorry Haley!) and picked up some East Coast treats for Meredith (salt water taffy and Fisher's Popcorn anyone?)

I bought this shirt at the Loft but I stained it the
 first time I wore it! Hopefully I can get it out!
All in all it was a very nice break. I could have been more productive (running more and doing more homework) but it's called break for a reason! Now it's crunch time for the rest of the semester. I have 7 weeks of back to back assignments, exams and commitments. Wish me luck!

How did you/ do you plan on spending your Spring break?

Have you bought any new clothes lately?


  1. It sounds like you were very productive!!! I am impressed! I bought a couple things when I went to Chicago with my mom. We picked out a dress for me to wear to Chase's medical school graduation--now I just need to find a great pair of shoes!


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