Roomie Love

This weekend I went home with my roommate Haley. She lives in a town called Grosse Pointe, right outside of Detroit.

Friday night we went to see the Hunger Games. I haven't read the books so I wasn't super immersed but it does have an interesting plot.

Saturday morning we got up early to go to a walk for Muscular Dystrophy. Our team of 8 headed to Ford Stadium (Where the Lions play) for the fundraiser. Besides the walk we got to take pictures with several Star Wars characters, Micky Mouse and the Detroit Lion.

Some of us and R2D2
After the walk I went to take a nap that ended up being 5 hours. I was so exhausted from the week before so I woke up feeling very refreshed. Saturday night we went to a Hookah bar and then to a Coney restaurant. I'm still kind of confused about Coneys. They seem to be a combination of Greek and American food but they aren't a chain. I also don't know if they're a Michigan thing or a big city thing or what. Either way I had a delicious Hani.

Ellen eating a Hani (A pita filled with chopped
chicken strips, lettuce, ranch, tomatoes and mayo)
Sunday was relaxing. We slept in, Haley's mom made us a delicious breakfast and then we went to Target and I did my taxes! All by myself! It made me feel like such a grown up!

What did you do this weekend?


  1. Ooooh! That nap sounds wonderful! I miss college napping! :) It looks like you have a fun weekend! Also, I am so impressed that you did your taxes--I totally give that task to Chase! I would not even know where to begin! :)


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