Super Tuesday

Yes, I know it's Wednesday, but I went to bed at 9 last night (I'm a grandma) and all the states hadn't reported their winners.

If you don't know what Super Tuesday is, its the day where there are the most primaries for the primary election. To win the Republican nomination a candidate must get 1,144 delegates and over 400 of them were at stake yesterday.

So at the end of the night last night Romney had won Arkansas, Idaho, Virginia, Ohio, Massachusetts (his home state) and Vermont. Santorum won North Dakota, Tennessee and Oklahoma, Gingrich won his home state or Georgia and Ron Paul didn't win anything. Since these results were so divided it really didn't lead the Republicans any closer to choosing a nominee.

Romney gives his victory speech in Boston.
But that is all very technical. Even though Santorum has won a few states, to me it seems HIGHLY likely that Romney will win the nomination. For another candidate to win, they would have to start domintating the primaries from now on.

So, I guess we will continue pretending to be anxious about who will face Obama in November but I think most people know in the back of their minds that it will be Romney.

What do you think about the Republican race so far?


  1. It is KILLING me! I feel like this is the most counter-productive practice EVER. Everyone needs to just give it to Romney and call it a day. I hate that candidates spend MILLIONS of dollars that could be used for SO many better things!!!


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