Viña y Valpo

This past Sunday I utilized multiple forms of public transportation (a major accomplishment for me) to take a little trip to the Chilean coast. Arriving in the middle of Viña del Mar without a map was a little disorienting but after a quick stop into an internet cafe, I safely made it to the Street Garden Hostel.

After dropping my stuff off (and acquiring a map) I began to explore the city and immediately fell in love. I'm a sucker for beach towns and this one was no exception. 

Gotta love the Pacific Ocean!
Unfortunately, it's almost winter down here so I wasn't able to swim but it was still nice enough to take in the sights. 

Tuesday I took the metro to a neighboring town, and UNESCO World Heritage Site, Valparaiso. This was a major world port until the Panama canal was built. Now it is a bit dirty and run down but is bursting with street art. 
The view from Cerro Alegre

Just a sampling of the street art in Valpo

Since I only brought a little bag of clothes and left most of my belongings in Santiago, sadly today it was time to return to Santiago.

Viña and Valpo are absolutely magical. I definitely recommend them for your bucket list. 


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