Estoy Perdida!

For all of you non-Spanish-Speakers, that means, "I'm lost." I have been lost 4 times in the last 24 hours. It's really quite ridiculous. In fact, last night, I got so lost that I was on a corner with a map and a nice British woman came to help me. Kind strangers are my saving grace these days. During my wandering, I have come across some excellent sites.
My first Chilean Sunset

I suppose they have these everywhere now, it's
a bridge where you put a lock with the one you love.

A mural from down the street. The art
here is fantastic.
The view from the top of Cerro Santa Lucia. I wish it would
rain so there would be less smog!

Yesterday I went on a walking tour of the city and I met a few English speakers. We met up at a recommended wine bar last night and then today for some excellent Peruvian food. I must say, raw fish still scares me a bit but the ceviche was excellent. 
Mixed Ceviche for lunch! 

Besos xx


  1. I'm so jealous and happy for you! Loooove you!
    I'm sure you've heard but Bella Vista is the quarter with all the clubs and bars at night, it's pretty fun! El Tunel is a good club too. And you have to try a drink called Terremoto (Earthquake) (wine and ice cream!), and the other famous drink is a Pisco sour but a) Peruvians claim they invented it and b) I think it's gross, pisco tastes kind of like tequila to me. MUCHOS BESITOS TKM!!

  2. Ahh! I'll be there soon!! Looks amazing


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