Fall Break

Good morning!

For all of us Michigan students this lovely Wednesday feels like a Monday since we had Monday and Tuesday off for Fall Break. Last week was very stressful for me so a break was welcomed. Luckily the stressful week meant that I could relax during break.

Saturday I was on the color guard for the football game. As much as I'd like to say that it was a blast, it was raining and freezing cold. But we did win 45-0 so there was a good outcome.

Getting ready to put up the flag. 
Sunday I watched lots of movies and TV shows, in fact I think I stayed in pajamas all day.

Monday it was time for a fondue party! It was the first time that I've made fondue and I must say, both the chocolate and cheese turned out to be delicious.

Tuesday was time for shopping with my friend Milena. She picked up a great pair of heeled grey suede booties. I didn't buy any clothes but I did get a bar of chocolate with thyme in it. It was interesting, and good to add to my collection, but I probably wouldn't buy it again.

And now we're back to the daily grind until Thanksgiving comes along.


  1. I wish i had a fall break! hope you're enjoying a fun football season!


  2. oh yah i would say you majorly won that game!! i remember saying the score on the tv and thought wow. my cousin attends u of m right now, my other cousin attends the med school after going to u of m for undergrad my sister used to live in ann arbor and attends eastern michigan and then another cousin attends central michigan :-)


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