Happy Blogiversary!

1 year ago today, Life in the Fast Layne was born. Well actually it was called, "A Day in the Life," until a friend suggested a very punny title. 

So a year ago it was a weekend, there was no freezing rain and there was not a hurricane hitting my home town. But rest assured things are a okay here. 

Who can resist some Grease humor?
 Actually, Maryland didn't get too much damage, but New Jersey definitely did. For me, the interesting part is how this is going to affect the election. Not only will people be hindered from voting, the experience may even change their opinions of the candidates.

They switched the candidates' hair! I know it's a serious
matter but this is hilarious!
So we just have to wait until November 6th and hope that it gets a little warmer!

Do you think this storm will have a profound effect on the election results?


  1. yes-- definitely will be interesting to see how the election is changed based on the events of Sandy!


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