Summer 2012 Preview

In honor of my last final being over here is a preview of Summer 2012:

1. I'm going to start the summer by road tripping home!

2. Since I want a flexible schedule this summer, I'm not getting a real job but will be babysitting and working at the auction house where my mom works.

I totally don't do this...
3. Road trips! One of the reasons that I didn't want a job this summer is because I want to go on some trips. At the top of the list is Virginia to see my Aunt Cheryl, Ann Arbor (they say the summer is the best season to be in AA), my grandmother's cabin in Deep Creek Lake, Pittsburgh (I drove through on my way home for Spring break but we got too lost so we just left) and, of course, the beach!

4. Adventures! You know all those things that you want to do but never have time to? Well I want to cross some off the list this summer. I want to go to a bunch of Orioles games, learn to sail, and take some more Salsa lessons!

Let's go O's!

5. Cooking. Since I'm obsessed with Pinterest I see tons of recipes that I can't make in my dorm room. I'm into avocados lately so I want to perfect a guacamole recipe. I also want to make a perfect low fat chicken salad, a paleo carrot cake, a green smoothie and mashed cauliflower (a healthy alternative to mashed potatoes.)

6. Read. I never read while I'm in school so I can't wait to read a bunch this summer. I'd like to reread the Harry Potter series since it's been a while. I also want to read The Lucky One, and The First Year which is a book about nursing.

7. Movies. If you didn't already know, I have been on a mission for the past several months to see all the movies that everyone else besides me has seen. I do seem to be catching up but I still have a lot to see. I want to watch The Endless Summer, all of the seasons of Sex and the City, and some boy movies like Black Hawk Down (ROTC people reference movies all the time and I'm totally lost).

The lovely ladies of SATC! I've seen both movies
but none of the shows! (I know...I fail as a woman...)
8. Errands. Not having a car at college and not being in my home town in general means I have a lot of errands to  catch up on. I have to go to the dentist, eye doctor, bank (I'm always having issues with banks!), Apple store, etc. 

9. Workout. This is a big one. I hope to have enough time to get in some really good workouts this summer so I can get a good PRT score in the Fall. I want to incorporate some yoga moves, plyometrics and cross training so I prevent injury and really improve my weak areas. 

10. Friends! Even though I plan to accomplish tons of things in my free time I end up just hanging out with friends a lot of the time. I will miss my school friends but I'm excited to spend time with friends of home.

Can't wait to see you all!!
So there's a not so quick summary of my Summer! 

What are your Summer plans?


  1. Layne--We're ready for you!! Come on over anytime! I can help you out with some paleo recipes for sure! Cheryl


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