Happy December

And the Christmas countdown begins! I love the holiday season so much! The red cups at Starbucks, christmas music and, here in Michigan, the snow on the ground. They all just brighten my mood a little bit. 
I just love coffee!
Still, in college, December is crunch time. Finals, papers due and today I have an inspection. If you don't know an inspection for the Navy is when they check to make sure your uniform is in tip top condition and that you know all of your "knowledge." What classifies as knowledge you may ask. There is a set of things that all Navy personel must know verbatim such as the Sailor's Creed, the ranks of all military branches and the 11 general orders. I pretty much have it down but inspection will be the true test. Wish me luck!

This is what inspection looks like.
Today we will be in different uniforms though.


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