Freshman Lessons

I have a Psych final tomorrow but I’m so sick of studying. So…I’m going to do a post. Since it’s the end of the semester I thought I’d do a couple posts about what I have learned so far my freshman year. This one will be what I have learned as a college student and the next one will be what I have learned as a midshipman. So, here we go.

1.     You might get homesick and you might not. I never ever thought that I would get homesick. I have been away from home tons of times and I think of myself as very independent. But man oh man, when you plopped me over 500 miles away not knowing anyone I was not a happy camper. But I found my way and now I love it here. This leads me into my second point:
2.     You will get used to things. Yes, campus is huge and it seems like everyone else has friends except for you but in 2 months you will be happy as a clam. You will begin to establish routines and friendships will naturally develop. Don’t fret it; just try to get involved.
3.     One great way to get involved is to read your school paper every day. It is a great way to stay in touch with the University and the outside world.
4.    Take care of yourself. I am a huge proponent of sleep. I get atleast 8 hours per night. People that say that you don’t get any sleep in college need to work on their time management skills. Along with sleep, always eat breakfast. It only takes about 15 min but it gives you a great start the day and it will help you keep off the freshman 15.
5.     Speaking of the freshman 15, in college you have to keep a close eye on your weight in college. There’s tons of free food, unlimited dining, late night burrito runs and for many, alcohol. To combat weight gain I weigh myself twice a week and I am very conscientious of eating tons of protein and fiber (turkey and broccoli anyone?).
6.     As for classes, it’s pretty much the usual. These concepts are cliché because they work! Don’t procrastinate (find some self control!), always do the extra credit, pay attention in your English class (those skills will be valuable later), and lastly just do what you have to do. Yes, some classes and professors suck but the semester is only a few months and you can suck it up.
7.     Never say never, or always. There were A TON of things that I said that I would never do that I have done in college. Sometimes your views of things change and you can’t help it. It’s very important to keep your basic morals in tact but let your views be flexible.
8.     Freshman year is a blast. For many it is the first time that they are living with a roommate, away from their parents and pursuing subjects that actually interest them. Enjoy it, the good and the bad, you have a lot to learn.


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