What I Love This Week: Finals Edition

This week is finals week here at U of M. Though I am very against pulling all nighters, I've had quite a few late nights recently. Here are some things that are getting me through the week:

1. The beautiful weather.

Campus just comes alive when it's warm out! I can't
wait for summer!

 2. Pineapple

I hate cutting up pineapple but I love eating it.
3. Shopping at the Gap

Looking good Milena!
4. Sitting on my porch

When it's warm, the porch is like an extra
room in our house. The perfect place to
enjoy a late dinner.
5. Insomnia Cookies
The perfect study snack: fresh out of the oven peanut
butter cup cookie.

Despite the excess of studying, finals week isn't too bad. What gets you through the end of the summer?


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