What I Love This Week 4.12.13

So I've learned something about myself in the past year or so: I'm really good at baby steps. So, in order to get back into the blogging groove, I decided I'd start by trying to post once a week.

So here are some things that I'm really into right now:

1. Silly String- Tuesday night was one of those I can't bear to sit at home nights, so I decided to do a little shopping. I stopped by Five Below and found some silly string, the perfect way to attack my housemates. It worked.

2. Fiber One Pancake Mix- If you didn't know, I tried to give up carbs for like a year. It didn't work that well so lately I've been exploring some healthy carbs. I've missed pancakes and waffles so I was really excited when I found Fiber One Pancake Mix. All you have to do is add water (or milk) and you get delicious high fiber pancakes with a little protein!

Carrot Cake Pancakes with a schmear of cream cheese!

3. Healthifying Recipes- Maybe it's just all the Pinterest, or maybe it's hanging out with Meghan too much but I'm obsessed with making recipes healthier. For Easter we made healthy carrot cupcakes!

Healthy (and beautiful) carrot cakes. Yes,
I'm obsessed with carrot cake. 
 4. Excessively preppy clothing- I already have relatively preppy clothes (loafers, collared shirts) but right now I really just want some of these things:

I just love this crab belt from Vineyard Vines!
I already own these and I absolutely love them. The loafers
are slippery though. 

That's why I'm dying for a pair of BASS loafers just
like these!

5. Warmer weather. Yes. Wednesday I got POURED on coming home from class, but at least it wasn't freezing!

What are you into right NOW?


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