Pre Spring Break Blues

Today is just one of those dreary mondays. The combination of it being 30 degrees, the day after the Oscars and 5 days from Spring break people here are really dragging. And I'm definitely one of them. 

There are a few things that are making it a bit more bearable:

1. It's sunny today! Yes, there's snow covering the ground and there's another 6 inches coming tonight, for now it's pretty nice outside. 

2. I'm going to New York to see my friend KC this upcoming weekend. I've never actually spent the night in New York so I'm excited to get to spend a significant amount of time there!

2 Bawlmore gals conquering the Big Apple!

3. The Oscars last night were fabulous. Argo. Meryl Streep's dress. Adelle. Anne Hathaway. It was a great night, totally worth staying up late for.

She looks absolutely divine. 
Has Halle ever looked bad? This
is quite a dress but she
definitely pulls it off. 

Stacey Keibler looks great but,
George, can you ditch the
beard please?
4. I get to see my lovely family and my dad's new puppy in a week!
Time to see all the cousins!

Meet Sophie, the newest member of the Dettor family.
5. A week from this Wednesday, I'm going with my friend Brodie to one of my favorite places: the beach. I haven't seen the ocean since August and I can't wait.

Hang in there for the last few weeks of winter!

How's your Monday going?


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