A Week of Holidays

So here's the deal, I thought I wanted to stop blogging but I've really missed it in the last few weeks. I know that it's super annoying when bloggers don't post regularly so I'll try and be better. I'm not going to catch you up on the last almost 3 months, I'm just going to pick up where I left off! 

Here we go!

This week is unusual because there are TWO holidays! Mardi Gras and Valentine's Day. If you know anything about me, you know I love holidays! 

Today I celebrated Mardi Gras by wearing my beads and enjoying a Pazcki (basically a donut). 

I hope I can go to NOLA for Mardi Gras one year!

Valentine's Day will be filled with sweets, chick flicks and friends (after I get home from clinical AND drill). Stay tuned for pictures!
True love

What are your holiday plans for this week?


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