Men's Wear Experiment

I don't know about you but usually when I am changing my style, it's not intentional but rather I am drawn for lots of similar items. This winter it took me quite a while to catch on. I have had periods of wearing button ups all the time, dresses, ballet flats, black, purple, etc. This winter I seem to have an obsession with men's wear. I have always liked men's wear because I feel a little silly in dainty clothes so I do wear a lot of pants, blazers, my men's style watch and other things like that but I have been afraid of some other men's wear styles like sweaters, shirts, loafers and suits. I have always liked them on other people (like J.Lo) but I have been too scared to really try them myself. But when I left for college and I grabbed a pair of loafers that I stole from my mom my mom gave me. One random day this past fall I decided to wear them and I fell in love. My friend Jackie had always told me how much she loved her "grandma shoes" but I just made fun of her. Man was I wrong, loafers are the best!

Some how I think know I wouldn't look as cool
as any of these celebs.
Now that I had made the first step into the men's wear world, my next step was sweaters. I stole one of my dad's sweaters when I was home for break and I love it (actually I'm wearing it today!). Since I loved it so much I bought a men's sweater on sale from Banana Republic last week. It's really comfortable and fits perfectly...definitely a good purchase. I have also acquired some men's workout gear which is really nice for layering or when you don't feel like wearing tight things to the gym.
Come on! How cute are these? I just want 10 pairs in different
neutral shades!
Since I acquired all these things in a matter of a few months my roommate Haley began to catch on to my obsession. She even made fun of me last night when I said I liked a guy's shirt but not for him, for me.I might have a problem...

So, do you have a latest fashion obsession?


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