Here We Go Again!

After a nice relaxing break filled with visits to family and friends I made my way back to the mitten. I made a quick stop over night to stay with my roommate Haley who lives just outside of Detroit. I’ve never been there before so it was exciting to eat my first Coney dog, see Canada (across the lake) and drive through the city (if you’ve never been there before, it’s quite appalling! The city is practically empty!). After 2 days of fun we had to head back to Ann Arbor.

So delicious!
The semester started off on a good great note when Michigan won the Sugar Bowl against Virginia Tech! This is Brady Hoke’s first year as Michigan’s head coach so it’s a pretty big deal that we won a bowl game. The game was really close and Michigan won with a field goal in overtime. I wasn’t always this excited about football. In high school I would go to parties to eat food during watch the Ravens’ games but once I came here I knew I had better learn to understand the game. Now I love it!

Michigan celebrate after the big win! Go Blue!
After the game, I went back to my room and I immediately checked the results of the Iowa Caucus. The vote is still out on the importance of the caucus and whether or not it means anything for the primary or general election but nonetheless it is the first step towards the November election. If you didn’t read it already, Romney beat Santorum by just 8 votes. That shows how divided the Republican party is. I’m sure that they will come together once they choose a candidate though. The election should be an interesting one with issues such as the conflict with Iran, the new leaders in the Middle East, the troubled economy and the big push for social issues such as legalizing gay marriage. You can bet that I will be anxiously following the news!

Despite all of the big news, I had to get to bed because I had class at 9am! I lucked out with late classes last semester but I’m not quite that lucky this time. At least I’m a morning person!

Well I’m off to my next class!


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