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I wish I had written this post immediately after I had returned from Thailand but I suppose I'll just have to go from memory. Though there were some unfortunate parts of my trip (missing a flight from Hong Kong to Okinawa and having to buy a new one for $400) it was an amazing 10 days.

My friend from high school KC and I met up in the Chiang Mai airport and headed to our Air BnB in the city's center. The room was quite simple but it had all the amenities we needed (air conditioning!!!) and the location was incredible. I would definitely recommend staying inside the walls of Chiang Mai if you can.

I really liked Chiang Mai. It's just busy enough to be entertaining but not too overwhelming. We got multiple massages for under $10, spent a day playing with elephants, lounged by the pool, hit up the Sunday night market (hello souvenirs!), visited a few temples and took an incredible cooking class. 

From there we headed South to Koh Yao Noi, a small island in the bay half way between Krabi and Phuket. The island was very beautiful but HOT. Not that Chiang Mai wasn't hot but there wasn't a single air conditioned place on the entire island. Once we got over the fact that we were not going to stop sweating for a solid 72 hours we began to explore the wonders of the island. We spent a day kayaking up the coast and spent another by the beach. We spent a lot of time eating Italian food (I know, weird), drinking beer and going to bed early. Koh Yao Noi is without a doubt a place to go if you want to get away from the world but not the most luxurious spot. 

All in all, here's my top 5 Thailand Tips:

1. Buy all of your souvenirs in Chiang Mai, they're cheapest there because they're made near by. 

2. Take a cooking class! Even if you don't love to cook, you will love this class. 

3. Bring modest clothes. You will have to cover your shoulders and knees if you enter any temples. In addition, the peninsula where Phuket is located is Muslim so to be respectful try to dress modestly when outside of the resort areas. 

4. Get all the massages. I'm not kidding. Get one every day if you can. You may never have this opportunity again. 

5. When you're searching for Thai food don't walk 2 miles for Trip Advisor's #1 rated Pad Thai. I promise it's all good and all tastes nearly the same. I would never recommend this in another city but it rang true in Chiang Mai.

Have a wonderful trip! 


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