What I'm expecting to miss about America.

So, if you haven't already heard, in about 16 hours, I'll be hopping on a plane headed to Okinawa, Japan. How am I feeling about that you ask? Oh don't even get me started. Excited, terrified, ready, not ready and in denial all come to mind.

I'm preparing to fully embrace my new surroundings but I have a feeling that there will be some things that I'm going to miss.

1. Trader Joe's and Costco
You all know I'm a foodie so this shouldn't surprise you. I know that there will be many new culinary experiences but I think I'm going to miss things like dried mango, almond butter and Costco pumpkin pie. (Seth, that last one is for you)

2. American Shopping Malls
Another no brainer. I love to shop. Yes, I know that I can order things online, but that just doesn't replace going into J.Crew and touching every item in the store.

3. Speaking the local language 
I'm really excited to experience a new culture and language but I'm also aware of how frustrating it can be when you can't do simple tasks like read the menus at restaurants or ask for directions when you're lost. Hopefully I'll learn a little Japanese to make life a little easier.

4. Eastern Standard Time
I think that being 13 hours ahead of Eastern time will make me frustrated in a couple of ways. First of all, TV shows and sports games are going to be on at weird times. No, I don't want to watch Sunday night football at 9 am on a Monday. And I certainly don't want to watch the Today show at 9 pm. The other challenge that I'm anticipating is figuring out what times I can call people from home. This is going to take some patience from both sides but we'll figure it out.

5. People
Yes you. Every one of you. Even if we have been living in different cities already, we were still only a $300 flight away. That's much less of a commitment than a $1,000 flight. But hey, you all have an open invitation and a free place to stay on a far away island!

The funny thing is that maybe I won't miss any of these things and maybe I'll miss something else totally random! At least I get to live somewhere that pretty closely resembles paradise. And with that, one thing I don't think I'll miss at all: snow.



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