Viva La Hill

This post may be almost 2 months late, but I couldn't skip it. The year of the Hill House was too important. As many of you already know, last year was my first year living in a house without my parents. I lived with 5 other people (Meredith, Tyler, Travis, Joe and Eddy) in a 4 bedroom house very close to the Big House. The house was small, and not in the best condition, but that didn't stop us from having some extraordinary times. I think the best way to explain the house is through pictures from the year.

First, meet the housemates:


Now welcome to the Hill House:
Here's Meredith in the living room the day we moved
in. The couch looks lovely here. It didn't stay like
that for long.
Here's our room on the rare day that both of us had our
sides clean.
This is a more realistic representation of our room...

We hosted several events at our house. Including:

My birthday party
Travis and Mer's thrifty 20th birthday party.

An awesome Baltimore themed Superbowl Party
Easter Dinner
A fondue party.
And then there were the pranks:
Like when Will left cray fish all over the house
Or when I attacked Mer with silly string
Where did this even come from?
Or the best of all: when we surprised Tyler at a Football
tailgate with 20 of us wearing "Tyler Corrigan World's
Biggest Asshole" t-shirts.

We had some awesome neighbors.
Sadly, we lost a Colleen in March. Love you Colleen, RIP.

And other house friends:

But the best part was the 6 of us

Strangely, we never got a photo will all six of us. Until we had a reunion at the house earlier this month.

This about sums it all up.

 Thank you housemates, thank you friends of the house. It was quite a year.


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