Things I Swear By

This may be a reoccurring post, or it might not be. But for now, here's just a few things that make my world go round.

1. Lentils. High in protein and fiber. Need I say more? I like them with olive oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar. But I used them instead of ground beef in tacos and it was pretty rockin'.

Lentils with curried chicken= Double protein.
2. Reef flip flops. I just love them. I buy a pair almost every summer and I wear them until I wear through the sole.

3. Shellac manicures. Mark my words, I will never get a shellac manicure ever again in my life. Shellac manicures dry instantly and they actually last for 2 weeks. In 2 weeks my nails go through a lot. I go to the pool, wash a lot of dishes, etc. Shellac is the way to go.
This color is called "I Eat Mainly Lobster." I thought
it was fun for the wind down of Summer.
4. Under Armour. I mean I like Nike and Reebok too, but I just LOVE Under Armour. Maybe I'm biased because it's a Baltimore brand but I just think they're products are so spectacular. I got these shorts recently and I love them. They're so light weight and they're the perfect length.

5. Fuzzy bath robes. If you've ever been to my house, you've probably seen me in my robe. When I get home from my day, I take off my clothes and put on my robe. The end.

What is one thing that you just couldn't live without?


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