Greetings From Mexico!

Hello everyone! Today is an exciting blog post because I'm writing it from a coffee shop in Mexico! I am on vacation in Cozumel and we took a ferry to Playa Del Carmen for the day. The rest of my group is at a touristy animal thing but I opted to spend the day exploring instead.

We got here around 11 this morning and I walked around the shops. Most of the shops are very expensive (Rolex, Cartier, etc.) so I just walked around and enjoyed the air conditioning.

After shopping for a while I decided to lay on the beach for a while. It was beautiful but so hot that I only lasted about a half an hour before I went to lunch at Señor Frogs.

Chicken fajitas, guacamole and beer (I'm legal here!). Doesn't
get much better than that!

After lunch I got a pedicure and decided to find a chocolate cafe called Ah Cacao. On my map it looked pretty close but it was not. I finally got there and enjoyed an iced coffee and some dark chocolate.

Actually it does get better: chocolate and coffee!
I started walking back towards where I'm supposed to meet up with everyone when it started to storm so I ducked in a Starbucks to write a blog post.

Though the city is still very touristy I have enjoyed talking to locals and other travelers and just relaxing.

What kind of things do you like to do on vacation? Do you like to stay close to the resorts or venture off the beaten path?


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