Weekend Leave

So as most of you probably know, this Wednesday through Friday I spent on a ship. It has been a really cool experience so far. I am one of the only ROTC kids so I have been meeting lots of Naval Academy mids. I have been paired with someone who works with air traffic control but since I'm a nursing student she lets me go down to the medical bay to shadow there.

Katarina and Me on the flight deck.
A bunch of us in the well deck of the ship.
Then, once the weekend came a bunch of us decided to take a trip to Virginia Beach. We're staying in a hotel right on the beach!

Some of the boys digging a giant hole.
Ready to go out to dinner!

What are you up to this weekend?

Have you ever been to VA beach?


  1. Looks like a great weekend! Are you on a LSD? What resturant? There is one I highly recommend in VB, but I don't remember the name...I hope you're getting good use out of the new bathing suits you bought. Have a fine Navy day. <2

  2. Hahahaha I feel like all boys ever do at the beach is dig holes! They love it! Also I like your last picture cause even though youre on leave you still look nautical :) Miss you!

  3. Wow! What an amazing experience! You are going to be SO ready! :)

    Since I went to William and Mary for undergrad, Virginia Beach was the closest "warm weather" locale so we went when we could! It is a fun beach town! They also have some amazing (and flat!) races! I loved going there and people watching on the boardwalk--so many "interesting" people!


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