Special Visitor!

This weekend wasn't just any old weekend...my friend Jackie came to visit! She goes to the University of Maryland and they haven't started school yet so she came to see me! I picked her up from the bus on Friday afternoon and we went to lunch at Zingermann's. It's a famous Ann Arbor deli that has been featured on several food network shows. Jackie got their famous reuban and I got a sandwich with turkey, cheese and avocado. Friday night we hung out in my room with my roommate Haley and some others stopped by too.

Jackie ate her Reuban before I could snap a picture but
it looked something like this!
 Saturday we were tired because we stayed up late so we watched Friends with Benefits. We've both seen it but it's just so good! I love JT and Mila Kunis! After the movie we decided that we had to go on a run together because Jackie has been my running partner for 4.5 years (we met each other on the first day of XC freshman year and we have been running together ever since). We went on the run that I wrote about last week here but we ran a bit further and found that it made a loop. Friday night we went out to dinner to a place called the Prickly Pear. We split some delicious fajitas, chips and salsa...and then a cupcake at the Cupcake Station.
Ready for dinner!
Sunday morning I had to drive her back to the bus stop and she was off to Maryland. I then went to a very long (like 2 hours) brunch at the cafeteria and started watching the football game. It was a great effort from the Ravens and they played really well but a missed field goal with just a few seconds left meant that we lost to the Patriots. I can't even believe it. I guess I'll be rooting for the 49ers tonight so theres at least 1 Harbaugh in the Superbowl!
Despite some great plays like this touchdown by Torrey
Smith in the 3rd Quarter, the Ravens came up short.
So now that I've effectively procrastinated for 3 days I have to go do some homework.

Who are you routing for in tonight's game?
Have you ever been to Zingermann's?


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